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What is C.T.R.E.?

C.T.R.E. is Certificate of Tourism Related Education is a compulsory education to upgrade tourist guide in their role as a more efficient and able tourist guide. Therefore, MOTOUR require three C.T.R.E. each for a one-year renewal of tourist guide license. C.T.R.E. can only be hosted by certified tourist guide guild and associations, and conducted by appointed trainers of respective profession and realms.

Confirmation Course

Upon acquire the license as a qualified professional tourist guide, the license will be marked a trial period of P, and after a year of successful operation in carrying out tour guiding jobs, the tourist guide is required to sit for a confirmation course to be complete the tourist guide license.

Additional Language

In conjunction with Tourist Guide Confirmation sometimes the Additional Language Licensing is held, so that tourist guide may add to their qualification an additional language skill that further qualify them for wider selection of tourist of foreign language. It is also an honor for the country to have tourist guide of these many linguistic skill as they represent the country’s promising ambassador to further spread the goodwill of the country.

Licensed Tourist Guide Training

Sometimes MWTGA will conduct courses for license tourist guide training. However, unlike most institutions we select our tutelage as we believe quality don’t comes in big numbers. So we invite those who are interested to approach us and if we sees the right quality in you, we may start the class because of you.